Welcome to Mentally Engaged.


For those who know me, will know that I am super passionate about mental health. Now that I have completed my masters, I have finally decided to document my journey as an aspiring Clinical Psychologist. There are so many hurdles to overcome, and I think it is vital for me to reflect on my success as well as my failures.

When I explain to new people that I am aspiring to become a psychologist, the first thing they ask is “Can you read my mind?” “How do you think I feel right now?” lol. Even though such questions are deemed as funny, I can assure you the work behind the role is a lot deeper.

I’ve only come across one blog page about becoming a psychologist, but for some reason, I couldn’t relate to it. I want to be relatable, and transparent. I want my blog to reflect the real me; no fancy words, just typing how I normally talk. Additionally, I want to give advice, provide clarity, and connect with those who are interested in clinical psychology or those who are on the same journey as me. Really looking forward to using this space to reflect on my own experience with you all 🙂



If you have any queries or questions to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me!



Ciao x




Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own that have been influenced by the professionals that I have come into contact with throughout my career. No views or opinions are any way linked to the service I work in.