Jobs for a Psychology Graduate

I wanted to provide a clearer insight into what type of job roles aspiring psychologists should look into. For anyone seeking clinical/research experience after university (regardless of whether you are an undergraduate/postgraduate student), this post is for you! I will list a few job ideas for you to think about, which could help you gain experience within the field of psychology, and lead you to successful careers.

After 12 Interviews ….. Part 1

Hello everyone! It has been such a long time since I’ve made a blog post. Apologies for the long wait. Life has been such a roller-coaster, and I haven’t been able to take the time out to document my journey so far. But I’m back, and ready to give you all an update! In my last blog post, I think I spoke about the difficulties I was having in securing an Assistant Psychologist (AP) post. From November last